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Microneedle radiofrequency Poznań

Face lifting - firm, smooth skin, regardless of age

Microneedle radiofrequency Poznań (RF, thermolifting) is an innovative method used to increase the tension and firmness of the skin, as well as to remove acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, or improve skin tone. Two techniques are combined in the microneedle radiofrequency treatment: radiofrequency and microneedling, which is why it affects both the epidermis and deep layers of the skin, giving quick and spectacular results.
Radiofrekwencja Mikroigłowa Poznań - lifting twarzy
If you only struggle with:
  • flabby, lacking firmness
  • stretch marks
  • acne scars
  • discoloration
  • wrinkles
  • with extended pores
  • cellulite
– it is a treatment that will allow you to restore the former condition, firmness of the skin and its radiant, rested appearance. Microneedle radiofrequency in Poznań can be performed in any area of ​​the body. The face, neck, abdomen, legs, arms, breasts, thighs and buttocks are exposed to radio waves and microneedles. All of those places where the problem of flabby, tight skin or other imperfections that take away your confidence is the most common!

Microneedle radiofrequency Poznań - technology

For microneedle radiofrequency Poznań performed in our salon, we use a specialized device for face and body lifting – RFRAX LIFT. This apparatus has two heads (invasive and non-invasive), one of which has been adapted to the placement of micro-needle electrodes. Each of the needles in the invasive head is equipped with an insulating sheath, therefore the heat is felt at the very tip of the needle, thus preventing excessive overheating of the skin surface. The non-invasive head, which uses radio waves with a maximum power of 60 W, affects the body without the need for puncturing. The RFRAX LIFT device allows us to very precisely determine and smoothly change the frequency of radio waves, as well as to precisely adjust the depth of a puncture performed with a needle (from 0.5 to 3.5 mm). The invasive head also has 3 types of disposable tips – 25, 49 or 81 PIN. These parameters are always adjusted to the area to be faced and the problem you want to tackle during the treatment.

What is microneedle radio frequency in Poznań?

The effects guaranteed by microneedle radiofrequency Poznań are due to the impact on the body at the same time of two independent techniques in the form of electromagnetic radiation and skin puncturing with micro-needles. Electromagnetic waves reach the deep layers of the skin, heating the tissues and contributing to the contraction of collagen fibers. This leads to the stimulation of regenerative processes and activation in the production of new collagen. During the microneedle radiofrequency treatment in Poznań , the skin is also punctured with micro-needles. As in the case of electromagnetic radiation, the tissues are damaged (this time mechanically) and their tissues are deeply revitalized. The use of these techniques in one treatment allows you to enjoy wonderful, incomparably better, faster and more in-depth effects than when performed separately. Microneedle radiofrequency Poznań is performed under anesthesia, for which we use an appropriate anesthetic cream applied to the skin. The duration of the procedure is from several to several dozen minutes, not more than 1.5 hours. Delicate areas, such as the eye area, are exposed to radiation for a short time of about 10 minutes. However, if the thermolifting covers a larger and less sensitive surface, the treatment is extended accordingly.

Microneedle radiofrequency before and after the procedure

Microneedle radiofrequency Poznań treatments can be performed all year round – both in winter and summer. They do not require any special preparation. After thermolifting, there is also no need to undergo convalescence. Therefore, you can immediately return to all previously performed activities, except sunbathing – these are not recommended for a period of about 2 weeks. During this time, it is also recommended to use sunscreen with a high degree of protection.

What is microneedle radio frequency in Poznań?

Microneedle radiofrequency Poznań will guarantee you spectacular and instantly noticeable effects in the form of:
  • for toned, taut skin anywhere on the body
  • shallow, smooth or completely eliminate wrinkles and scars
  • increasing collagen production
  • improve skin tone, radiance and radiant appearance
  • reduce enlarged pores
  • remove dark circles under the eyes
  • improve skin density
  • to strengthen the resistance of connective tissue
  • skin nourishment
Some of the effects of microneedle radiofrequency Poznań are visible after the first meeting, while others are activated gradually in the following weeks (usually from 2 to 5 months). You will quickly notice, above all, a marked improvement in skin tension and firmness. All scars, wrinkles, discoloration will at first become more delicate, more shallow, until most of them disappear completely over time. Microneedle radiofrequency is therefore one of those treatments that we perform in series. Most often, these are series consisting of 3-4 treatments performed once a month. The specific number and frequency of meetings depends on the type of skin problem as well as the age and condition of the patient’s skin.

Contraindications for microneedle radiofrequency surgery Poznań

Although microneedle radiofrequency Poznań is a procedure characterized by a very low invasiveness and a low risk of complications, it should not be performed in the case of:
  • autoimmune diseases
  • neoplastic diseases
  • pregnant
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • blood diseases
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • acute inflammation of the skin
  • having a pacemaker and metal or silicone implants
An alternative to microneedle radiofrequency Poznań can be a radio wave treatment (without needles), oxygen infusion, HIFU 3D, laser peeling, and face massage.
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