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Endermology Poznań

Aesthetic medicine today offers many innovative skin rejuvenating and body shaping treatments. One of them is endermology Poznań Icoone laser Med. 2 – the most modern, the best, the most accurate and the most effective negative pressure body massage, which reduces cellulite and fatty tissue, firms the skin and beautifully emphasizes the shape of a female figure.
Endermology Poznań is a perfect treatment for you, if only:
  • you want to improve the appearance and condition of your skin
  • you want to model your figure to your dream shapes
  • you struggle with vascular problems and edema
  • you are looking for a multidirectional, 100% safe, painless and non-invasive method
  • you want fast, immediately noticeable and reliable effects
  • you need support in the weight loss process
Endermology Poznań is definitely something more than a “body treatment”. This is a unique method that will positively affect not only your external appearance, but also your well-being!

Endermology Poznań - technology

During endermology treatment performed in our salon in Poznań, we use Icoone Laser Medical 2. In contrast to the classic, basic body shaping treatment, Icoone® Icoone® Laser Medical 2 is a stronger, more effective massage that guarantees faster results. In addition to the vacuum massage itself, the skin is additionally influenced by a 915 nm biostimulating laser and 650 nm LED light. Icoone® Laser Medical 2 is based on the technology that generates Multi Microbubble Stimulation (M.M.S.A.), using microstimulators with a set of micro-holes located on the treatment heads. They generate up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute, which is why they are able to extremely accurately, precisely and effectively stimulate the entire area of ​​the skin on 3 surfaces at the same time (3-stage stimulation) and reach every, the smallest area!

What is endermology Poznań?

Endermology Icoone Laser Med 2 Poznań is a multidimensional, negative pressure body massage performed with special heads with rollers and micro-holes. Their action is based on the suction of air and very intense stimulation of the skin (as much as 1180 microstimulation for each dm 2 ). Thanks to the combination of the Icoone Laser Medical 2 technology of biostimulating laser energy and LED light, a photochemical effect is created in the tissues and the permeability of cell membranes is increased. The cold 915 nm laser wave penetrating deep into the tissues is absorbed by lipids, leading to an increase in temperature and acceleration of the process of decomposition of fat cells (lipolysis). However, the laser does not contribute to the destruction of the membranes of fat cells, but only limits their volume and content. Therefore, the breakdown of cells into glycerol and fatty acids occurs in a completely safe and natural way. On the other hand, 650 nm LED light is responsible for stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, increasing the permeability of the adipocyte cell membrane and improving microcirculation, which does not pose a risk of thermal damage to the tissues. Endermology Poznań performed in the Icoone laser Med technology. 2 is a non-invasive, safe and natural method, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials. It is the only one that does not stretch the skin and warm up the lymphatic system. Therefore, it can be performed with any type of skin (including vascular skin), and at any time of the year. The treatment covers not only the main body parts, such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and arms, but also the skin of the face. Currently, it is used by both women and men.

Endermology Poznań before, during and after the procedure

Before the procedure: Each first endermology in our salon in Poznań must be preceded by a consultation, during which we exclude any contraindications and select an appropriate treatment schedule. During the procedure: Body contouring with the use of Icoone Laser Medical 2 technology can be painful only when the patient is struggling with lymphatic stasis, fatty deposits or the 3-4 degree of cellulite. In other cases, you will feel the suction of the skin, but combined with a pleasant cooling. We start the endermology treatment in Poznań with a base program covering the whole body, which lasts 20 minutes. After the basic program, we focus on selected areas (for example, the abdomen, thighs, breasts), using the so-called 10-minute focuses (local programs). The patient is wearing a special suit all the time, which increases the comfort of the procedure and allows us to perform smooth, full movements and maneuvers with the laser heads. The duration of a single treatment usually ranges from 40 to 70 minutes depending on the areas and the number of local programs selected. After treatment: After the treatment, you can immediately return to your standard lifestyle and daily activities. Endermology Poznań does not require convalescence.

Effectiveness of endermology treatment Poznań

Icoone laser Med 2 endermology means quick and spectacular effects in the form of:
  • cellulite reduction
  • beautiful body modeling
  • improving skin firmness, tension and elasticity
  • reducing excess body fat
  • cleansing the body, removing toxins and unnecessary metabolic products
  • getting rid of muscle aches
  • support in the fight against overweight
  • to rejuvenate the skin and delay the aging processes
You will notice the first effects after the first treatment, but the best results are visible after the entire series, usually involving 10-15 meetings 2 or 3 times a week. In order to maintain and extend the durability of the effects, it is also recommended to perform reminding treatments less frequently – on average once a month.

Contraindications to the endermology treatment Poznań

Endermologia Poznań is not performed in the case of:
  • pregnant
  • inflammation of the veins (except small vessels)
  • neoplastic diseases
  • taking medications for blood clotting
  • inflammation of the skin in the areas to be treated
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