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Aquapure Poznań

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Aquapure Poznań is a water peeling that gently and effectively cleanses the skin and rejuvenates it.

Who of us does not dream of keeping a young, healthy look for as long as possible?

However, the aging process affects everyone. Its result is the formation of wrinkles.

Aquapure Poznań - therapeutic relax. Needle-free mesotherapy

Aquapure - healing relax. Needle-free mesotherapy

Aquapure Poznań is an innovative device that uses an intelligent facial care system. The basis of its operation is the method of vacuum hydropeeling, which combines a multifaceted mechanism of action, the effect of which is the rejuvenation and cleansing of the skin. Its uniqueness results from the interaction of mild (water) microdermabrasion, the use of active substances containing, among others, antioxidants or hyaluronic acid, as well as vacuum. It is a procedure that we perform all year round, also in summer. Hydrodermabrasion is cleansing the skin with water, so there is no damage to the epidermis, so you can sunbathe the next day after the treatment. On the day of the treatment, the skin may be slightly irritated, so avoid the sun. The preparations that we use during the treatment are of the highest quality. They contain carefully selected ingredients and plant extracts, such as extracts of e.g. honey, Asiatica, peptides, hyaluronic acid, papain or common oats. Thanks to the multifunctionality of the action, the treatment Aquapure Poznań exfoliates dead epidermal cells from the skin surface, as well as eliminates various types of impurities. In addition, the active substances used in the Aquapure Poznań treatment moisturize, cleanse and nourish the skin, as well as have a lifting effect.

Indications for the Aquapure Poznań treatment

  • elimination of skin laxity,
  • reducing wrinkles,
  • reduction of scars, including acne scars and hyperkeratosis (hyperkeratosis of the epidermis),
  • reduction of dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • skin lightening, superficial hyperpigmentation
  • improvement of blood circulation in the skin,
  • contaminated skin, seborrhea with enlarged pores
  • mature skin, hypoxic, with a lack of tension and elasticity
  • ingrown hair (folliculitis)

The Aquapure device has four special treatment heads

Aquapeel – (hydropeeling) removes dead epidermal cells as well as other impurities within the skin.

Needle-free mesotherapy – by causing the so-called phenomenon of cell electroporation, it facilitates the penetration of the applied active substances into cells. As a result, it improves microcirculation, and thus tissue nourishment, and causes the skin to glow.

Microcurrents – through tissue electrostimulation, it stimulates regenerative processes, manifested by increasing the processes of collagen and elastin synthesis. As a result, it increases the tension and firmness of the skin. In addition, it also stimulates microcirculation within the facial skin.

Thermal (warm / cold) – by cooling the skin, it reduces and eliminates fine wrinkles, stimulates regenerative processes and alleviates various types of irritation. By insulating it, it anesthetizes the skin, strengthens it and increases its tension.

What does the treatment with the use of Aquapure Poznań look like?

Treatment with the use of the  Aquapure Poznań technology characterized by a high level of security. Thanks to its non-invasiveness, it is completely painless, and even associated with a feeling of great pleasure during it. Depending on the effect the patient wants to achieve, the procedure is carried out in several stages. First of all, we perform hydropeeling, during which dead skin cells and all impurities are removed from the surface of the face. Then the application of active substances containing a high concentration of antioxidants and substances of plant origin is carried out. The next stage is massage with special treatment tips. Its purpose is to relax and improve the microcirculation of blood in the face, which in turn leads to the improvement of skin nourishment. In addition, during the massage, so-called electroporation occurs, facilitating the penetration of previously applied substances into the cells, as well as electrostimulation within the facial expression muscles. The effect of the above actions is visible almost immediate smoothing and brightening of the facial skin, as well as the reduction of wrinkles. The duration of the procedure is usually within one hour. Due to its non-invasiveness, painlessness and complete safety, it does not require convalescence and practically immediately after its implementation, you can return to your daily activities. The result of the treatment is visible immediately, however, to obtain its lasting maintenance, especially in the case of acne-prone skin, it is recommended to perform 6 to 10 repetitions. The intervals between the repetitions of the treatment should be between 1 and 2 weeks.

Who is the Aquapure Poznań treatment for?

The treatment with the use of the Aquapure Poznań device is recommended primarily to people who want to achieve the desired result quickly, without the need for a long convalescence. The indications for this procedure fall into three basic groups:

  • The first of them is the broadly understood rejuvenating effect, consisting in counteracting the skin aging processes. They are especially effective in the case of mature skin, which is often hypoxic and devoid of elasticity and tension which guarantee its youthful appearance. And also in the case of seborrheic skin characterized by the widening of the pores.
  • The second group of indications are some diseases and pathologies within the skin and epidermis, such as hyperkeratosis of the epidermis, superficial hyperpigmentation. As well as acne lesions or ingrown hair complicated by inflammation within the hair follicle.
  • The third group of indications is the preparation of the skin for other, more radical treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine.

What are the contraindications for the Aquapure Poznań treatment?

Like every treatment offered by aesthetic medicine, the Aquapure Poznań treatment is burdened with contraindications in some groups of patients. It should not be performed in the presence of active neoplastic diseases, oncological treatment, severe cardiovascular diseases or autoimmune diseases. Also active inflammations of infectious origin (viral, bacterial and fungal), especially within the skin.

Hydrabrasion - water peeling, hydrogen purification

Thanks to its non-invasiveness, hydrabrasion is completely painless, and even associated with a feeling of great pleasure during exercise. This treatment is an excellent choice for people who want to quickly cleanse and refresh the skin. It is a non-invasive and exfoliating therapy that can be performed even with sensitive and vascular skin.

It consists in combining the action of a stream of water saturated with hydrogen bubbles and active ingredients such as papain, lactic and salicylic acid, honey extract, pennywort and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to such a combination of substances, hydrabrasion allows for in-depth cleansing of the skin, as well as its hydration and rejuvenation. This is hydrogen purification.

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